Divorce Financial


Did you know starting with a divorce attorney can be the most expensive path?

According to smartmoney.com, divorcing couples spend an average of $20,000 to $30,000 in legal fees alone. In our experience, this number is low, especially if your financials are complex. Aside from the financial analysis, the lifestyle planning involved in a divorce is also difficult, especially as friends and family start expressing opinions. 

If you find yourself in divorce litigation, consider the cost benefit of starting with a divorce consultant. 

As divorce consultants, we’ll analyze the financial impact of scenarios and bring you the clarity you desire. Our partnerships with lawyers, CPAs, mortgage professionals, and parenting experts help find the best scenario for your case. We provide pre-legal and lifestyle planning advice with the aim of minimizing the billable hours you need to spend talking to a lawyer. 

Your divorce consultant is your brainstorming partner. The divorce process can take many months and we’ll see you the whole way through.