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Do Divorce Well


STAY IN CONTROL | transform fears into plans

REDUCE TIME AND EXPENSE | save your money for your future

Sharing custody of children during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The leaders of AAML and have developed this guide for parents who are divorced or separated and sharing custody of children during the COVID-19 crisis.

Did you know you CAN get divorced without competing lawyers and expensive litigation?

The better way: Divorce Mediation

  • Principled Negotiations- interests vs. positions
  • Financial Models-settlement scenarios & cashflow
  • Parenting Plans-decision making & parenting time
  • Maintain Control- settle outside of the Court
  • Highest Confidentiality- Preserve privacy & avoid public court hearings
  • Quicker timeline- Work on your schedule, not the Courts

Divorce is hard enough. Make it easier with mediation.


Jointly agree to Mediate. Schedule a Consultation. Discuss Particulars. Get Started.


Communicate in Sessions. Identify interests. Invent options. Discuss numbers. Build settlements.


Divorce with clarity, organization, and sophistication. Receive case support from start to finish.

A note from Krista Kaufmann, CDFA® Divorce Mediator:

“You can DO DIVORCE WELL with the help of the right professional.  The biggest fears for families experiencing separation or divorce are the financial and future unknowns.  These fears become compounded when people feel trapped between two unpleasant options; try to do it on your own or spend thousands on competing lawyers and litigation. There is a THIRD OPTION, which we believe is the better option; and that is to STAY IN CONTROL of your future. Through education, process support and creating your own outcomes, you can do this.  We help you invent ideas, convert ideas into plans, develop creative financial solutions and negotiate meaningful agreements for your future and your family. A District Court judge  calls our clients “diamonds in the rough” which is a compliment. We think many people facing separation and divorce are diamonds in the rough | people who are generally of good character but lack education and final touches that would make them truly stand out from the crowd. 

People tell me every day, ‘we wish we know about your services when we got divorced’.  I wish you did too. Why not stand out from the crowd and Do Divorce Well.

Let’s talk about how we may help.

Not ready to proceed with mediation, but want to discuss your options and financial situation with a professional?  Consulting services are available.

Client Testimonials

“Anyone striving for a ‘healthy’ divorce that prioritizes family should call Krista first.”

Client Testimonials

“Krista was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. She seems to have seen it all. Highly recommend her whatever your circumstances may be.”

Client Testimonials

“I’m a lawyer and didn’t have the first clue on how to go about settling my divorce. Krista was extremely helpful in helping us navigate the complicated uncoupling of our affairs. She is professional, kind, responsive, and intelligent https://indianpharmall.com. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Client Testimonials

“In my most difficult moments in this process, Krista lessened the pain, found innovative and fair solutions, and spoke truth gently. Her kindness and understanding when experiencing me at my worst was a gift.”

Client Testimonials

“Krista was amazing, patient, and kind when I was handful- especially in the beginning. The judge was very complimentary on our forms, etc, and said all our stuff was immaculate and detailed and asked who assisted us. Thank you.”